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FOR ALL AGES!!!!!!!!!!!

J. Holly McCain
Poet....Storyteller ....... Children's Book Writer

 Welcome to my world of books!
            Do you love animals? Laughter?
              Well, you've come to the right site!

                   Inside you will meet my books, pals. and a whole lot more!
     Please, take your shoes off
       but most of all ENJOY!

Gods Angels!

Open Book, Spinning

Why Read?
  So, why read my work?A great question! My books are for animal lovers,and by you coming to my site, we share a common interest in Gods creatures.My books are full of laughter and you deserve laughter and smiles! They are for anyone from the ages of 0 - 120, so they make a perfect gift for the young or young at heart. Best of all, they are affordable!
I love to receive mail from my readers or future readers, so if you have any questions concerning my work, please contact me on my contact page.
Hello and Welcome to my books!

Brown Book, Turning